La geometria de los emoticonos.

Architecture, design, and geometry are everywhere. It goes from huge buildings to things that apparently look tiny and easy but there is an amazing geometry behind of them.

Now, I am going to talk about an interesting thing that we all use daily but maybe not all of us realized about it.

It is called «the hidden geometry in emojis«.

Ter is an Architect/Youtuber who makes videos trying to explain Architecture from a different perspective, from her view. She usually talks about really different topics, but, as I said before, she tries to make Architecture be understood by everyone, using her Architecture studies and transforming them into a way of entertainment.

She brings Architecture to the YouTube field,  creating new and different content, talking about famous people, daily things, and her own feelings.


In the picture above she is presenting her TFG; a building makes specifically for Kim Kardashian and her family. The project was about to modify a building in the middle of Madrid which separates two important squares and parks in this city. She decided to «cut» by the middle of the building and make a crack full of passageways where Kim Kardashian would be able to take a walk through them.

But one of my favorite videos from her is the one called «La geometría de los emojis». She analyzes step by step the main emojis, and the most used ones, and classifies them into groups.

This is a poster, made by her, where she analyzes some of the emojis she mentioned in the video with the axonometry axes and the angles that compose them.

The video starts with an introduction where she presents the topic and afterward, she starts classifying the emojis in the following groups:

·By their angles.

·By their symmetry.

·By their homothecy.

·By their perspective. (Orthogonal, oblique and conical).

Finally, she goes one by one analyzing them and explaining some of their histories.

Here is the picture she use in the video as a summary to classify them.