Las Mugas.

Located in Formigal-Panticosa, Huesca, Aragón, Las Mugas is a exclusive space sited at 1800 meters high surrounded by an idyllic environment of the Aragon Pyrenees.

Designed by Aramon together with the digital agency Numéricco, this luxury hotel consist in 6 domes that work as separate rooms with capacity of 2 adults and 2 kids, plus another one used as a dinning room.

Talking about the estructure, each room is a geodesic dome.

Geodesic dome’s faces usually are triangles or hexagons, but it could be done with any polygon. All of its vertexes should coincide with the area of a sphere or ellipsis, if it does not fit, then it will not be a geodesic dome.

This type of structure can suffer global buckling without any of its bars having suffered local buckling. This ensures that elastic instability phenomena do not occur.

The quantity of space on the inside is worth it compared to the low-cost of the material and it makes possible the construction of huge structures of this type.

These geodesic domes are covered by a plastic rooftop which keeps the warm temperature of the inside and protects its occupants from the icy winter of the outside.

Also, the fact that they are elevated from the floor with a wooden platform, avoid terrain modification and gives you an extraordinary nature experience. For the same reason, the designers thought it would be a great idea to keep the natural terrain, so if you want to arrive at these luxury domes, you just have three options: using a chairlift and then continue walking in the snow with a guide, arrive to your room skiing or with a snowmobile.

This is the official web page of Las Mugas-Aramon

Lastly, an introductory video of this exclusive experience: