ÖÖD Iceland.

Located outside of Reykjavík, near the Hekla volcano, ÖÖD together with Panorama Glass Lodge, nestled two of their luxurious glass cabins into the spectacular Nordic landscape.

Everything started with the brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik, who wanted to spend a weekend out of their city. They were searching for an Avant-grade but cozy house in a remote place surrounded by nature to do a hiking trip.

As they could not find anything to their liking, they had the idea of create the new concept ÖÖD, a simple bold elegant design house.

Andreas and Jaak Tiik knew that they wanted to help people to follow their dream of live a stress-free life and be in direct contact with nature, so thousand of travelers has the possibility of enjoying a memorable experience with ÖÖD.

“ÖÖD Iceland is a house of transparent glass that allows for next-level stargazing from the comfort of your home and bed,” shares Andreas Tiik, CEO of ÖÖD. “The apocalyptic scenery is a dramatic match—add strong howling winds and the comfort of a warm, homely cabin and you get the perfect out-of-this-world hideaway.”

The cabin is divided in two main parts, the front part made mainly with glass, and the rear part. This last one contains a sitting area, open kitchen, and bathroom, is clad in thermally modified ash. This wood is not only stable and durable but homey, too.

ÖÖD wanted to make a cabin that is both comfortable and functional (aspect that it is pretty important for such a small space located in a harsh environment). For instance, an interesting detail is that the roof windows are made of «Warm glass» and this allows it to act as the cabin’s main heating, as well melt ice and snow.  Its anti-condensation properties mean that guests will always have a clear view of the sky when lounging in bed.

Its 18-square-meters-steel structure, the attractive glass-mirror facade and the use of first quality materials, were designed to resist extreme climates. The cabinet is easily movable and relocatable, and it is possible to send it built already or flat packed, what makes ÖÖD houses to appears suddenly in a natural place.

“When you live in a small space, it may be tempting to design closed cabinets, throw everything inside, and shut the door,” shares ÖÖD. “But imagine how cold and closed off this space would look if the dishes, pots, knives, picture frames, etc were hidden behind cabinets.”

Lastly, those who crave privacy or want to block light during the summer months—when it doesn’t get dark outside—will be able to do so. There are curtains around the bed just for that purpose.

Here is the link to ÖÖD’s web page https://www.oodhouse.com and the Panorama Glass Lodge’s web page https://panoramaglasslodge.com.