PA2- Opinions.


“First of all you should ask yourself if it is deseable at this time to combine architecture, painting and sculpture. As an architect and city planner I believe that it is more than deseable, in certain cases it is necessary. Architecture of today has to be more functional and it can not exist without a sense of artistic values. Without them, we would produce buildings but not architecture” – Josep Lluis Sert.

Josep Lluis Sert was a really important Spanish architect and city planner born in Barcelona in the XX century. In 1939, Sert went into exile in NYC due to the Spanish civil war and in 1953 he became Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design. In 1961, Josep brought Le Corbusier to the US to design the Carpenter Center from the Visual Arts at Harvard, and a gallery there is now named in Sert’s honor. In 1981 he received the AIA Gold Medal.

In my opinion, Sert had a different perspective of architecture from other architects of that time. He brought to Harvard a new powerful leadership model and he is known for his new ideas in a conservative environment. His charisma and the way he developed himself in a foreign country at that time, made him become a role model for a lot of people in posterity.

  • My reflection about the text “Quiero ser arquitecto” by Alberto Campo Baeza.

First of all, I really wish I could read this text at least two years ago. Why? Well, I have grown up surrounded by photography, design, and architecture. Those three disciplines built me into the person I am today.

I am a pretty perfectionist person, a really hard worker, I love to create new things, my ideas are actually very organized in my head and I have a lot of imagination (this last one probably has been a little bit affected by social media and new technologies, because I used to develop it more when I did not have a mobile phone with me).

Anyway, I have been always thinking about study a career which could help me to keep developing all those skills as enjoy it and after meeting some products designers, professors and architects, I finally chose this career which Campo Baeza would describe as “the best in the world”.

But I actually would have loved to read this “book” before making my decision because it showed me a lot of “hidden views” from Architecture. I personally loved the way he used to make it easy not only to read but to understand and express clearly what was exactly what he wanted to transmit. I absolutely recommend every future architect to read this book but I do think it will help as well other people to reconsider their way to deal with the different situations in their life.