PA3- Views.

Sert’s work I have chosen is Casa Sert.

  • Title: Casa Sert.
  • Year of construction: 1955-1957 (2 years of construction)
  • Location: Inside Harvard University, Cambridge.
  • Pictures

Sert.CasaCambridge.4.jpg        Casa Sert | CIRCARQ

Sert.CasaCambridge.5.jpg          LA CASA SERT EN CAMBRIDGE | JOSEP LLUIS SERT | Arquitectura, Hic arquitectura, Casa patio

  • Plans:  Sert.CasaCambridge.Planos2.jpg

In my point of view, this house has a lot of aspects which deserve to be analyzed, but if I have to choose three of them I would say the illumination, the garden, and the height of it.

Starting with the first one, in my opinion, illumination is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are going to develop a project. Depending on the light which goes into the building, people might have completely different feelings. In this case, the house is pretty well illuminated, and we all can see that there is a lot of big windows, of the height of a door. Those ones get to the building the feeling of spaciousness.

The second aspect is the garden. It stands out because of the big and simple space it has in it. It makes the house look bigger than how actually it is. That might cause a feeling of harmony to the people inside of it because of the simpleness and the size.

Last but not least, the third aspect I wanted to talk about is the height of the house. It is quite curious to me to see the short height of the house. I think we are all used to see such huge buildings around our cities, so, as I said before, the height also gives a kind of relaxing feeling, because it makes you forget all thoughts related to the big cities and loud noises.