UNIT 2- The architect today.

How can you become an architect? Training is the base of everything, but what should I train?

The most important it’s learning to see (analyzing, drawing, traveling, reading, photographing, and watching films), learning to think (find a language to express your ideas, be critical and collective thinking), and learning to create (understand the materials, understand the compositional rules, the construction techniques and the needs of the users). 
Advice to young architects: 

1. No one should take architecture for a living unless you love it.

2.Think about the why of things

3.Study every detail.

4. Analysis.

5. Order from the general to the particular.

6. Maturity.

7. Take time to prepare yourself.

8. See the machines and methods to construct.

9. Quality of character.

10. Do not enter any architectural competition under any circumstances, except as novices.

Architecture as a profession: It regulates the building process, defining the agents that intervene in it, establishes obligations and responsibilities, guarantees the users, establishes basic purposes of the buildings.