UNIT 8- Cultural Heritage.

—-What’s Heritage? —>Set of assets acquired by inheritance.

·Historical heritage.

·Artistic heritage.

·Cultural heritage. -> The set of intangibles features that belong to and define a collective cultural identity. «The monument with its presence and singularity has condensed the values of the Cultural Identity».

·Cultural assets -> Monuments, works of art, historical documents + habits, customs, economy… Some examples of cultural assets: Monumental architecture, military and defensive architecture, witnesses of industrial production…

—- Why preserving heritage? —> Preservation is the method of not losing the values of cultural identity. All goods contained in catalogs must be preserved.

—- What do we have to preserve?— > We also must preserve the values of the physical architectural heritage. (Let the building display and explain its values).

—-How to preserve it?—> There are two options: 

·Legislative instruments -> 1.To protect,  2.Inventory,  3.To list. 

·Interventions -> CONSERVATION           

*Preservation = Operations to be performed on the good to ensure survival against hazards or possible damages.         

*Maintenance = An operation designed to prolong and maintain as long as possible the materials from which the object is made. 

*Consolidation = It is a particular way of preserving, and it is possible thanks to a gradual strengthening. 

*Repairing = Leave in good condition an object that was broken or deteriorated. 

*Restoration = A direct intervention on the monument whose purpose is the restitution or improvement of the legibility that is lost with the passage of time.

*Adaptation = Enable or return something to its old state of efficiency or functionality.

*Reconstruction = A procedure of integral or partial reconstruction of the building, with an exceptional character that has been carried out in specific historical circumstances and as a consequence of traumatic events.

*Anastilosis = A technique whereby a reined building is rebuilt using original architectural elements.

*Ripristinar = An action that suggests to «go back» to the original state of the building by removing or adding later stages.